You are at the gateway to the Express Simulator!A comparison is created to enable you to examine whether or not a saving will be generated by using a Transactional Loan in accordance with the Strategy as opposed to a strategy of applying higher repayments to a Non-Transactional Loan.

Enter your details below to start.Please Note that simulation results will be forwarded to email addresses as provided. If you do not provide a valid email address, we cannot forward your personalised report.Family NameFirst NameEmail AddressPrefix/PhoneClient 1**Fields marked with * are required.TitleClient 2Step 1 of 6*It should not be assumed that a Transactional Loan will outperform a Non-Transactional Loan in terms of interest savings when the interest rate of the Non-Transactional Loan is lower than the Transactional Loan. The Express Simulator does not provide a reliable comparison unless you make an additional monthly repayment into the Non-Transactional Loan at Step 4 out of surplus funds, which is as high as reasonably possible having regard to your financial circumstances and the terms and conditions of your loan.