System Requirements

Environment Variable: How to Check: How to remedy if your system does not meet the recommended settings:
Browser Internet Explorer 6 or higher*
  1. In your web browsers' top menu, go to Help > About Internet Explorer.
  2. Check that the version number is 'Version 6.0.' or higher.
  2. Download and install the appropriate version of Internet Explorer 6.
Operating System Windows XP
  1. Find 'My Computer', either on your desktop, or in your Start Menu.
  2. Right-click on the 'My Computer' icon.
  3. Your operating system version should be at the top of the resulting property screen (eg. Microsoft Windows XP, etc)

Customer Members are advised to upgrade their computer operating system to a minimum of Windows XP Home Edition. Please check with a computer technician or retailer to ensure that your computer is capable of running Windows XP before making the upgrade.

Screen Resolution 1024x768 pixels
  1. Minimize all windows that are currently open so that you have access to your computer 'desktop'.
  2. Right-click anywhere on the desktop and select 'Properties' from the flyout menu.
  3. Next, select the 'Settings' tab at the top of the property window.
  4. Check that your screen resolution is set at '1024 by 768 pixels' or higher.
  1. Within the Settings window, located the screen resolution slider bar.
  2. Move the slider bar by clicking and holding it with your mouse, then drag it to the right until the resolution is set at a minimum of 1024 by 786 pixels.
  3. Click 'OK' . You will be asked to confirm the new settings.
  4. Confirm the settings and return to the service.
SSL Encryption 128 bit or higher*
  1. With the Member Logon screen open, located the padlock icon in the bottom right of your browser window.
  2. Hold your mouse cursor overtop of the icon for at least one second.
  3. Ensure that the tool tip message displays as 'SSL Secured 128 bit' or higher.

Ensure that you are using Internet Explorer 6 or higher. Previous version of Internet Explorer, and some other browsers are incapable of displaying SSL secured websites of 128 bit encryption.

For information on upgrading your browser, see the 'Browser' entry above.

Processor Speed Pentium® III (or equivalent) or higher
128 MB RAM or higher
  1. Follow steps as per 'Operating System' above.
  2. In the System Properties screen (General tab) check for information about your computer.
  3. Ensure that you have at least 128 MB of RAM.
  4. Ensure that your CPU is a Pentium® III (or equivalent) or higher.

If your computer is equipped with a processor that is slower than an Intel® Pentium® III or equivalent, we recommend that you upgrade your computer. Please check with your local computer technician or retailer as to your options.

If your computer has less than 128 MB of available RAM or SDRAM, then we recommend that you check with your computer technician or retailer as to your options for upgrading.

Internet Connection

Cable or ADSL

(512kb download speed/ 128kb upload)

Check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) as to the speed of your Internet connection. We highly recommend a broadband connection speed for using the service. Contact your ISP to enquire about upgrading your connection speed to broadband.
We recommend choosing a broadband plan that provides a download speed of 512 kbps or higher.
Javascript Enabled* If you can see the checkmark icon above, then you have javascript enabled.

If you don't see the icon, then you have javascript disabled.
  1. In the Internet Explorer 6 menu at the top of the window, select Tools > Options
  2. Click on the 'Security' tab.
  3. Ensure that your browser 'Security Level' is set at medium.
  4. An easy way to facilitate this setting is to click on the 'Default Level' button.
  5. Click 'OK' to save your settings and return to the service.

*Required Settings.